From the office to the  home, Techspark can help.

Our focus is on your technology working reliably in the long term, with no surprises. Our honest technicians will always endeavour to alert you to any issues, before they arise.

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IT Support

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IT Consultancy

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Cloud Services

IT Support

Support plan for every business

One off, or weekly check ups. We have a program that will work for your business

Firewall and Antivirus

Keeping your network secure is often an overlooked issue. But the cost of your business data being corrupted, or held ransom is much worse than having a secure network in the first place. Techspark can help you secure your technology from malicious hackers.

Managed backup and disaster recovery

Sometimes the unimaginable happens that cannot be planned for. But you can be prepared for floods, fires, crazy employees and anything else. When your data is backed up to multiple locations, with clever file monitoring, and you’ve got a flexible network, your business can be back up and running in hours, not weeks.

Hardware and Software Upgrades

Whether your computers are running a little slow, or you've gotten into video editing, Techspark can help you with hardware upgrades, software upgrades, network upgrades and more.

IT Consultancy

Office 365

We’ll help you move your emails from hard to manage, slow email servers to Office 365.

Relocation Services

Move offices without worrying about your technology. Techspark is with you from planning to safely packing, relocating, setting up, and quality assurance.

Cloud Services

Office 365

More than just great email, Office 365 helps businesses collaborate like it's 2020.

Microsoft Azure

Replace expensive, old server infrastructure with lightning fast, reliable, cloud computing infrastructure. Azures endlessly flexible infrastructure will grow with you as you need, without expensive hardware purchases.